To travel the world sharing one’s heart through the beauty of music is a tremendous gift. The grand concert halls are special indeed, but the undeniable charm of intimate or humble settings speaks volumes to me.

Whether performing or teaching, it is human interaction, experiencing a moment of heavenly connection, and sharing the spirit of life, that I seek. With flute in hand, I accomplish this.

Cathy Collinge Herrera

A Life of Artistry

Cathy is a life-long Miyazawa Artist. She began her career with one of Miyazawa's first silver flutes (#428!), traveling the world performing and teaching.

Eventually she fell in love with the rich colors of sound in gold, and now plays a 14k Brögger System Miyazawa.

On Music:

"Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens."

- Maria Augusta von Trapp