Thank you for the opportunity to share a bit of life with you within these website pages! It has been a privilege to follow my heart's desire and "work" as a performing flutist, teacher, mentor and composer. I use the term "work" carefully, for although this career has required a good deal of energy, it has always been a labor of love filled with pleasure. Tapping into the world of ethnic and historical flutes has added beautiful dimensions to my career, and the many wonderful musicians I've met along the way have done the same! Please enjoy perusing my musical offerings. I look forward to hearing from you, should you have any questions for me.

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“…With Cathy Collinge (Herrera) producing a stream of consistently pleasing tone…”
-The West Australian

“Herrera’s nimble tonguing in Piazzolla’s “History of the Tango” was as exquisitely contoured as the articulation of her phrases, so neatly packaged that it was as though she gave them handles the audience could pick them up by to take along home.”
-The Waterloo Courier

“Cathy Collinge (Herrera) is an artist with a sweet and seductive sound.”
-El Comercio, Lima

“The Ensemble Vasse’s playing (Cathy Collinge Herrera on flute) was “very clever and brilliant”.”
-The Evening Echo, Bournemouth

Cathy Collinge [Herrera], with the virtuosity we already know her for, reached a magnificent version..."
- El Comercio, Lima, Peru

"Collinge [Herrera] stood out with technical virtuosity and refined musicality."
- El Comercio, Lima, Peru

"...The Poem for Flute and Orchestra by North American composer Charles Griffes, has a perfect translator in soloist Cathy Ann Collinge [Herrera]. Gifted with technical virtuosity, Collinge [Herrera] reliably demonstrated sensitivity, expertise, and maturity."
- El Comercio, Lima, Peru