Dr. Herrera is Lecturer in Flute at Juniata College and also enjoys working with students in her private studio and internationally via online lessons.

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Lesson Inquiries

There is a place for everyone in music. It is imperative to be open to all possibilities, and be willing to follow a new, or non-traditional path if necessary. Allow yourself to be creative. Music and the arts are products of our souls and can be nourished in myriad ways.

Cathy Collinge Herrera, personal philosophy

Food for thought on lessons:

I can always teach you something, whether you’ve come prepared or not. I will guide you, and endeavor to inspire you, but ultimately your personal dedication will determine your path as a musician. That is something that must come from within.

My teaching strategies emphasize guiding students toward artistry, how to make musical sense out of the marks on the page. I strive to provide students both with an uplifting experience, and the tools to develop their music skills so they can eventually become their own teacher.

Juniata College

Since 2012, I have served as the Lecturer in Flute at Juniata College in Huntingdon, PA. Students from my studio range from advanced performers who have won the campus’s concerto competition to beginner students who are exploring instrumental music as an adventure in the arts.  My support of the university ensembles my students participate in increases our unity, experiencing the joy of making music together in yet another way.


Private studio teaching has always had a place in my heart and career, guiding students as young as 8 years old to those well into their eighties. Some go on to pursue careers in music while for others, lessons are a source of personal enrichment.  In all cases it is always a joy to appreciate their growth and achievements.


With the connectivity the internet offers us, lessons online have become a helpful reality for many. Platforms I have used are WhatsApp, Zoom, FaceTime and Skype for students both near and far. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!